Level up your organisation's data culture maturity.

Take the Data Culture Maturity Assessment to determine the maturity of your organisation's data culture across key focus areas. You'll then receive actionable recommendations and next steps for you and your team.

Included in the assessment is a 1:1 consultation call with me.  

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Areas we'll assess.

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Leadership and strategic alignment

Vision and commitment

Resource allocation

Data strategy integration

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Data literacy and skills development

Training programs

Skill levels across roles

Ongoing learning support

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Collaborative data practices

Cross-functional teamwork

Knowledge sharing mechanisms

Collaboration tools and platforms

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Data driven decision making

Use of data in decision making

Data accessibility

Recognition of data driven successes

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Innovation and adaptability

Experimentation and innovation

Adaptability to new data insights

Support for innovative data projects

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Data governance and ethical use

Policy understanding and compliance

Data sharing and transparency

Privacy and security awareness

Start now for £250

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Start now for £250


Who should complete the assessment?

Whilst Data Culture Maturity touches on all areas and aspects of a business, it is essential that the person or people most central to a organisation's data practices and capabilities undertake this assessment.

Let's call these people 'Data Champion(s)'.

While they don't necessarily need to be the most senior data stakeholder(s), it is important that they have exposure and visibility across other areas of the business. This is so that they can accurately assess capabilities and attitudes towards data held by data and non-data stakeholders alike.

Ideally, team members at various levels within the data organisation are encouraged to undertake this assessment. It is quite likely that even within the data organisation there will be a degree of variation in perspectives held regarding the organisation's overall data culture maturity.

So feel free to share this assessment with others in your data function and ask them to complete it as well.

How does the assessment work?

Each page of the Data Maturity Model Assessment will describe a topic, such as “Vision and Commitment”.

You will then need to select a number between 0 and 5 that most accurately reflects your interpretation of your organisation's level of data culture maturity with respect to the subcategory you are responding to.

The lowest level of maturity (nascent/ad hoc) corresponds to a score between 0 and 1, and the highest level of maturity (optimised/transformative) corresponds to a score between 4 and 5.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate level, you can provide additional context explaining why you chose the number that you did if you wish. This box is not mandatory and your responses in this box will not impact your overall score. They are provided for further research and understanding.

How long does the assessment take?

The Data Culture Maturity Assessment takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. It is a multiple choice based quiz.

Do you provide email support?

Whilst, the assessment is designed to be self-guided and self-paced, you can reach out to me over email with any questions, at tristan@trisjburns.com