Group Coaching for Data Teams.

I work with data teams looking to maximise their contribution and deliver real value for their business.

Through facilitated 6-week group coaching programs together we get to the heart of what is holding teams back and set a course for data-driven success.

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Coaching programs for teams.



Exponentially increase the value your data team delivers for the business.

This group coaching program is focused around enhancing the
communication and stakeholder engagement capabilities of your data professionals.

It empowers them to better understand business audiences and their needs whilst simplifying technical communication for more data driven business outcomes.



Evolving data teams from order takers into value makers!

For data teams ready to push the envelope and be empowered to lead from the front.

The advanced group coaching program sharpens your team's skills around audience engagement and influence as well as focusing on strategic storytelling and utilising emotional intelligence.



Build a group coaching program around your unique team goals.

Let's work together to design a customised group coaching program design specifically to meet the needs of your team where they are today, so they can get where they're need to be in record time.

The program will be based around current challenges both within felt within in the team and around the business.

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Why invest in coaching for your team.

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Build unshakeable confidence

Empower your data team with the communication skills and self-assurance to engage stakeholders and leadership effectively, fostering a collaborative environment that enhances their confidence and drives impactful conversations.

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Amplify their influence

Transform your team's data insights into actionable strategies that significantly influence business decisions, boosting their ability to drive change and deliver measurable outcomes that elevate their contribution and impact.

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Elevate career growth

Equip your team with advanced expertise and leadership skills, enabling them to excel in their current roles and unlock new career opportunities, ensuring continuous professional growth and long-term success.


How does it work?

Group Coaching for Data Teams is not a course, but rather a conversationally driven program aimed at empowering teams to discover the answers for themselves. Instead of simply be taught concepts or by reading them from a slide deck, group coaching fosters a high level of interactive collaboration where participants begin applying what they've learnt right then and there in the sessions.

The programs are typically 6 sessions long with up to 8 participants per group. The sessions are held over zoom and are 1.5 hours long.

What is your coaching style?

My approach is easy going and inclusive and I am highly outcomes driven. I encourage a high degree of collaboration and participation in my programs. I love to listen and to understand the challenges the group are are facing so I ask a lot of questions and work hard to get to the route cause of their challenges.

The sessions are interactive so participants will begin using and applying what they have learnt during the session.

Who are you a good fit for?

Data teams that want to become more impactful and help their organisations become more data-centric by improving their relationships and communication with business stakeholders. I am happy to work with both highly technical teams or more business centric data teams.

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Client Testimonials.

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"Everything was perfect. From understanding our pain points and keeping the programme framework flexible, to accommodating all the solutions to those pain points. Thank you so much for putting in so much effort. It really helped us a lot! Hoping there will be a second part of this!!!"


Group Coaching, June 2024 Cohort
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"Being technical person, I always felt a gap between me and person I am explaining things to. This session helped me understand how we can bridge that gap."


Group Coaching, June 2024 Cohort
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"I especially liked the part about story-telling. It was an amazing way to turn our technical conversation into a structured format and to be remembered."


Group Coaching, June 2024 Cohort
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"Very informative session especially the discussion on identifying stakeholders and their information needs and the discussion around this."


Group Coaching, June 2024 Cohort