5 Problems That are Killing Data Leader's Effectiveness.

Not only are there major misconceptions around the role and purpose of data in many organisations, but data leaders themselves often lack the ability to effectively influence their organisations in the right direction.

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Preview of 5 Problems Killing Data Leader's Effectiveness

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01. Companies saying they are data driven when they’re not

02. Data team is seen as a service desk/support function

03. Data teams are woefully under resourced

04. Shadow data teams popping up

05. Belief that all data problems are solved with more tech

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Created by Tris J Burns.

Coaches data professionals to become better communicators and stakeholder managers and to move from a tech centric mindset to a business centric mindset.

Helps data leaders develop strategies to become more influential and help them transform the data culture within their organisations.  

Formerly the Global Head of Data & Analytics for Pizza Hut’s Digital business and has worked in data roles in investment banking, oil and gas and high growth start ups.

Extensive career experience as a manager, coach and mentor.

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Client Testimonials.

Profile picture of Arielle H - Director of Data and Analytics

Arielle H

Director of Data and Analytics - USA

Tristan has profoundly transformed my understanding of what it means to be a data leader. Leadership skills extend far beyond what's tested on HackerRank or showcased through countless technical certifications. Through Tristan's guidance, I now possess a deeper comprehension of effective data practices, which has significantly boosted my confidence in my role. His approach to "managing up" and demonstrating the intrinsic value of data in all business facets has been pivotal. Instead of viewing the data team as a mere service desk, we now integrate data seamlessly into our core operations, effectively disrupting its previous misuse.

Profile photo of Piotr - Director of Data Analytics

Piotr R

Director of Data Analytics - Poland

Highly recommended for any current or aspiring Data Leader. There's a wealth of knowledge about project prioritization, CRO, and marketing attribution. However, the best aspect of working with Tristan is the stakeholder management coaching. He provides many interesting exercises and communication tips that have helped me better understand how to influence top-tier executives even more effectively!

Steve B - Global Analytics Architect

Steve B

Global Analytics Architect - UK

Working with Tristan has been truly transformative. His ability to challenge my current thinking vastly improved both my long term career planning and short/medium term tactical behaviours. I'd highly recommend working with Tristan if you want to gain clarity, focus and be more intentional with your career in data.

Profile picture of client Outi L

Outi L.

Senior Director of Data Team Lead - Finland

I recommend Tristan's coaching services to any data leader in need of defining the next career development steps and getting new angles on how to look at a data career altogether. His coaching style is really inspirational, motivational and encouraging. Feeling of trust and confidentiality was present in the coaching sessions, and I think that has a lot to do with how successful the end results have been! I'm happy to say that I was able to make significant changes ever since the first coaching session, and have a great personal development plan in progress.

Profile picture of client Sofia V

Sofia V

Senior Director of Multicultural Strategist - USA

I highly recommend Tris as a data leadership coach. His professionalism and personalized approach to developing data strategies ensured that my unique needs as a multicultural strategist and my challenges were always addressed effectively. His clear and insightful communication style provided me with the tools I needed to implement strategies with confidence. Tris has been instrumental in guiding me towards achieving my professional goals, and I wholeheartedly give him an outstanding rating.

Profile picture of client Paul D

Paul D.

Sr. Manager Toolset & Problems - Netherlands

I noticed I was struggling to get the support within our organisation that my team needed to deliver what the business needed. I had a hard time articulating how our deliverables would help the business as a whole, even though it is obvious for me and my team. Thanks to my conversations with Tristan, I got a different perspective on the issues I was grappling with, and on some of the things I was not considering, giving me a clearer picture on what to focus on. Tristan also helped me understand some of my strengths and weaknesses better. All this allowed me to figure out other ways to get my message across.

Profile picture of client Alex S

Alexander S.

Senior Director of Head of Data - Montenegro

Tristan helped me to understand that everything was fine with my approach. I had enough skills (soft and hard), but there was plenty of room for improvement. And he did not leave me alone in that room even after coaching.

Profile photo of client

Hannah C.

Data Analytics Manager - UK

Working with you has given me more confidence dealing with a number of issues in my current role. It's also prompted me to do more reading and thinking about data leadership and strategy, helping me clarify my future career direction.

Profile photo of client

Alberto V

Senior Director of Data & Analytics - Argentina

Tris is a remarkable professional to collaborate with; however, what stands out most is that he's an exemplary individual. He possesses extensive knowledge in data-related matters and has the remarkable ability to turn seemingly negative situations into opportunities for growth. From a career perspective, his skills inspire me to continually strive for progress and keep moving forward.

Robert H

Business Analyst - USA

I have been working with Tristan for roughly six months. In that time, he has become an indispensable asset to me. Before Tristan, I had just become the sole data personnel for a state bank. I was floundering trying to push the organization forward from our outdated data practices.  Tristan was able to help me think about long-term goals and build a foundation to foster those goals. Not only has he done this for my current role, but he has also helped me plan my career path. I can't recommend his services enough!